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Turf teams

Training  for turf- currently 7:00pm - 9:00pm Tuesdays, Guildford Turf.

Men's 1st Team Division 7

Our senior 1st team is for those wanting to play a bit more seriously. It is a good level for those who want to up their game

Men's 2nd Team Division 9

This team is the clubs second turf side. The grade is a little slower so it is suitable for younger players, building strength and skills, or the older ones slowing down a bit.

Women's 1st Team Division 7

This is the senior women's team at the club and is growing stronger. It for those who want serious hockey in a competitive division


Grass Teams

Grass Training - currently 6:30pm - 8:00pm Thursdays, Coolamon Oval


If you want to know when your playing this team is great...all games are on Saturdays at either 2 or 3.30pm. A real mix of 'experienced' players, new players and the young. Anyone can slot in


Playing at similar times to the men and a similar mix of players. This is the most social of the club's sides who always gather together following a game...but they still take their hockey seriously.

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