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Juniors are referred to by school years i.e. J5/6 means Year 5 and 6 and school, not 5 and 6 year olds. For years K-4, please see Hook in2 Hockey.

Boys & Girls 

We have teams for all age groups, from Year 5 to Year 12. 



School years up to Year 8 train at Coolamon Oval in Ellenbrook - Years 9 -12 are held at Guildford Turf. Training nights is held (almost) every Tuesday, older Junior players can also attend senior training if invited.



All Hockey WA junior competitions are played on a home and away basis. Our home ground is Coolamon Oval for grass, and (generally) Guildford School for turf, every other game is at the opposition's home ground.


Fees are decided on the basis of school years not age.

Hook in2 Hockey Years K - 2: $40

Hook in2 Hockey Years 3 - 4: $50

Years 5 - 6: $110 (which includes the $30 umpire fee)

Years 7 - 8: $165 (which includes the $40 umpire fee)

Years 9 - 10: $190 (which includes the $40 umpire fee)

Years 11 - 12: $215 (which includes the $50 umpire fee)

Please note, juniors playing on turf will also have to pay $10 turf fees ($15 for 11/12's) for each game they play (this is substidised by the club). Juniors playing senior games on turf will be charged an additional $20 for turf fees for each game.

No fees include the Hockey Australia Levy which covers administration and insurance for those playing in Western Australia these, for juniors, are Hin2H $20, all other juniors are $42.50. These fees are outside of the control of the club and covers personal accident insurance, admin and association fees.


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